◅ ◅ ios 10 Review -What’s add new feature !!

ios 10 Review -What’s add new feature !!
ios 10 Review -What’s add new feature !!

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Apple doesn’t out every new feature in iOS 10. There are the obvious add-ons, like Messages now has its own App Store, and Siri can work with apps, but there’s much more to iOS 10 than that. Control Center now has 3D Touch, read receipts can be turned on or off for individual contacts and there’s even a button to clear all notifications at once.

Here are 23 features you need to know about in iOS 10.

1.Messages has built-in image search.Send smaller photos to save data

Open Settings ▻ Messages ▻ scroll to bottom ▻ Enable Low Quality Image Mode. It’s unclear how scaled down the images are exactly, but when you’re on a tiered data plan, every bit helps!.
2.Auto-download albums added to Apple Music
3.Automatically manage music storage
4.Mail gains filters
5.Threaded conversations get a new look
Quickly close all tabs7.Pause, prioritize app installs 8.3D Touch in Control Center 9. Define has been replaced by Look Up 10.Markup in Photos and Messages 11.Add widgets with 3D Touch 12.Take a photo while listening to music. 13.Disable raise to wake and Clear all notifications 14.Get the old home button back 15.
iOS 10 vs iOS 9 vs iOS 8 vs iOS 7 vs iOS 6 on iPhone 5 Speed Test!

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◅ ◅ ios 10 Review -What’s add new feature !!
◅ ◅ ios 10 Review -What’s add new feature !!

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